Found Drowned by George Frederic Watts RA, is a painting that symbolizes women who are ruined during that period of time. The picture portrays a women who has seem to committed suicide. She is holding heart shaped locket and chain, suggesting that a tragedy having to do with love and heart break has occurred.

Women back then, were not treated as equals. They were known to be invisible. Maybe a there was secret love story behind this painting that did not end up well. You see these types of love stories in an everyday light. Maybe not to that extreme, but you never know what a person with a broken heart can do. Love is a ruined tragedy waiting to happen.

Suicides are definitely dark and ominous. Ruined people think dark twisted thoughts, thoughts we could never imagine. This ties into a love story ending in a tragedy and women getting the lower hand back in the Victorian era. Men held the upper hand and made the decisions for everything and for the women.